Locals and those who take eating and drinking seriously know that perched at the northwest corner of 126th and Lenox is a dining and drinking destination that embraces the very best of Harlem; a warm, inviting, vibrant, pulsing scene. Corner Social offers late night dining, outdoor seating, special DJ nights, in addition to daily lunch, dinner, weekend brunch, a 18-brass tap bar and year round custom catering for events large and small. A proud member of the Harlem community, Corner Social sources ingredients from local vendors that serve the community and partners with local organizations that further the interests of the Harlem neighborhoods it serves.




Anahi Angelone, Owner


To entrepreneur Anahi Angelone, creating and sustaining her Harlem restaurant is not so much a job or an investment as it is a mission. A proud and passionate resident of Harlem, Anahi is committed both to honoring the legacy of this historic community and to ensuring its future is as dynamic and exciting as its past.


That commitment underpins every corner of Harlem’s new Corner Social. She is constantly scouting out partners in the community for everything from vendors to staffing. As an experienced businesswoman who has managed large restaurantand bar facilities, all in Manhattan, she knows that support from the community is a vital piece of making a restaurant work. As the mother of a young child, she’s also motivated by the clear need in her area for a convenient day or night destination that doubles as a family brunch spot and pulses at night with the vitality of a diverse mix of lively patrons.


Anahi believes every great neighborhood needs a great gathering spot. And with a spirit matched only by the city itself, she has set about making one in the community she calls home. She comes together with Executive Chef, Jonathan Romans, formerly of Tribecca Grill, Ze Café, and The Essex House’s Southgate, to bring comfort, conviviality, and hundreds of reasons and friends to return to.



duoJonathan Romans, Executive Chef


With a pedigree that includes Tribeca Grill, the opening of the Essex House’s Southgate, and the Ze Café, Chef Jonathan Romans now has a chance to incorporate a more personal vision at the helm of Harlem’s Corner Social. That vision, first conjured over a pot of noodles in his grandma’s kitchen, is of a restaurant that truly anchors a neighborhood where fun, food, and drink are a tool to bring people together and create community.


Toward that end, Romans works with local vendors and farmers where possible to procure the freshest seasonal ingredients from which he coaxes flavors and textures that are both unique and yet deeply comforting. This is food you can afford that tastes like you can’t, and food you understand but still can’t wait to try.


Like Harlem itself, his menus pull from every corner of the world. What unites each dish is that intangible extra that makes food not just sustenance but experience. Think deep-fried lobster macaroni and cheese, that perfect mix of home-cooked familiarity and you-just-can’t-get-that-at-home silky luxury. Ditto the meatloaf sandwich with Graftons Vermont cheddar, dill pickles and fresh mayo – just like mom used to make – if mom where a gourmet chef who made everything from scratch, worked with the freshest ingredients and had perfected the recipe over months of tastings.