Lenore Browne

As a native New Yorker, I was drawn to Harlem’s diverse people and culture in the early 1980’s. Having previously worked outside the arts, I am pursuing my longstanding creative photographic passion. I photograph images of Harlem’s historical and cultural past that are often unnoticed in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. My images show that despite change, vestiges of Harlem’s history still exist. Compelled to capture Harlem’s essence, I am recording Harlem at the turning point of its revival, as it exists today. My images are a work-in-progress from my Portrait of Harlem and Harlem Stroll collection of black and white silver gelatin (hand printed in the darkroom) and digital archival prints. This collection will preserve and present the image history of Harlem at this particular juncture of its on-going transition, what some call the “second renaissance.” These images capture Harlem’s essence, where elements of its past, present and future coexist at this time and evoke a sense of history and permanence yet record the changing nature of the village of Harlem.


Ms. Browne’s photographs are for sale and may be purchased by contacting her at 646-256-8971 or lenore@coimage.net. You may also view her website.



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