Harlem Grown

With support from celebs like Matt Damon and Ed Norton, Harlem Grow unites communities by providing students opportunities to transform vacant lots into vibrant community gardens. Corner Social proudly hosts tours of our kitchen for Harlem Grow’s students and uses some of the produce they grow in our menu. Visit Harlem Grown.


Hot Bread Kitchen

This social enterprise non-profit improves the lives of low income women and provides fresh, handmade breads and baked goods. We proudly use much of Hot Bread Kitchen’s items in our menu including our traditional nacho platter and buns for our social burger, vegetable burger and meatloaf sandwich. Visit Hot Bread Kitchen for ways to support.


Lenox Avenue – A sexy dramatic series

Dramatic series about three friends, navigating through the rough terrain of love and relationships while living in Harlem, NYC. Owen (Al Thompson-’The Royal Tenenbaums’), Sellars (Dorian Missick-’Lucky Number), Ryan Vigilant.. Visit Lenox Avenue.


Land Yoga

Whether just beginning yoga or continuing a longtime yoga practice, we are here for you. Come take class and experience Ashtanga Yoga in New York, taught by a supportive, caring team in space that blends vibrance and serenity into a perfect balance. We look forward to having you as a part of our community. Kids yoga and family programs too!
Visit Land Yoga.


Harlem Yoga Studio

At Harlem Yoga Studio, we believe that the immense physical and mental benefits of yoga should be made accessible. Our reasonable prices, clear and compassionate teachers, and welcoming atmosphere reflect that belief. Visit Land Yoga.


Make My Cake

Make My Cake is a full-service retail and wholesale bakery specializing in scrumptious baked goods that boast both Southern flavor and Harlem inspiration. For the past 15 years, Make My Cake has offered their clientele heavenly desserts such as the homestyle butter cake, the New York Times’ pick, Red Velvet Cake, Food Network favorite, German Chocolate Cake, and local best-seller, Sweet Potato Cheesecake. Visit Land Yoga.